Back Pack Know-How with Dave Canterbury

I’ve always been a fan of Dave Canterbury. I started watching him on Dual Survival and then spent many hours watching his videos on YouTube.

In this video, Dave provides a backpack analysis with key points on selections for a pack and its features. He discusses the concepts of the 10 “C” and the Pathfinder rule of threes, noting that the rule is not limited to three minutes without air, three days without water, or 30 minutes of exposure. The backpack’s seasonal considerations are also discussed, including noting that in cold weather, getting oneself up off the ground to avoid conduction is very important. The value of the pack is also mentioned, with particular emphasis on cold weather camping.

The backpack analyzed in this video includes a lid with a pocket on the inside, a zipper on the front of the top of the lid for easy access to things on the trail, and a two-thirds Sleep System with a hammock, quilt, and ground mat. Dave also discusses how to carry the backpack in summer and winter seasons.

The video discusses the different items that will likely be included in backpacking gear, such as a hammock, backpack, and food bag. A solar panel, titanium steaks, and a map are also mentioned.

Dave demonstrates how to pack the essentials for a campground stay in a tight space, including a ground pad, tarp, rope bag, and steak bag. The last thing to be put in the pack is the compass and map case.

This backpack is incredibly useful and lightweight, carrying only what is necessary and protecting the user’s gear from damage. The Pathfinder rule of threes is followed, with three ways to start a fire, three containers for storage, and two cutting tools. The user’s sleeping system is also very bulky, filling a third of the pack’s weight. In addition to seasonal considerations, such as carrying an ax or saw, the user’s stack pack methodology is also outlined. The last thing the user will need is at the bottom of the pack, with things that are needed sooner going at the top.

Dave also reviews various items that are typically carried in a backpack, including books, notebooks, calculators, and other supplies. The video also discusses the importance of packing properly and preparing for any possible emergencies that may occur while away from home.

If you like to camp or just want to know the best way to pack a back pack, you should watch this video.


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