Bug-In Recipes – What’s In Your Pantry?

Many self-reliant minded people plan to bug-in rather than bugout if the time ever comes. As a result, many have stocked up their pantries and purchased longterm food like rice and beans and even freeze-dried foods. The issue that many foresee is food fatigue in the middle of a long and drawn out bug-in situation. Because of this, bug-in recipes that are easy to make and affordable are valuable to those wanting to diversify their menus.

But finding a good source for bug-in recipes is hard. The self-reliant minded could spend hours searching preparedness websites for recipes. But what if there was a free cookbook filled with easy and affordable bug-in recipes? That resource would be gold for the Preparedness Community!

Crowd-Sourced Bug-In Recipes

So because the wisdom of the many is better than the few, I propose a crowd-sourced bug-in recipe cookbook. This cookbook would be created by and free to the Preparedness Community. Can you imagine what this project could be if everyone in the Preparedness Community shared an easy and affordable recipe? Are you getting excited just thinking about the possibilities?

I’ve created a document that would allow anyone in the Preparedness Community to share recipes. Once a decent amount of recipes are collected, I will turn it into a PDF and provide the download FREE to the Preparedness Community. There are further instructions on the document. Please note: You can do this anonymously if you don’t want to share out any information other than your recipe! The document is already in edit mode. Please read and follow the instructions and contribute to this project. Also, please share this post with others who would be interested in contributing as well.


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Bug-In Recipes

12 thoughts on “Bug-In Recipes – What’s In Your Pantry?”

  1. Fantastic! I’m headed for my recipe box to find some to share. Thanks Todd for this great idea!

  2. poorman

    Damn I would love to share some but I just don’t use recipes. I simply look at what I have in the cupboard or fridge and go from there.

    1. Patricia

      A “recipe” of typical ingredients you may find in your cupboard may be useful. We don’t know how many people know how to cook and put together a basic meal. If you have an old stand by that you make a lot from your cupboard ingredients that would be something to add. You may need to guess at the quantities.

  3. Hi Todd, I have shared several simple recipes take from our 251 page Lisech Family Recipe book. We asked our immediate family to share the best recipes they have.

    If you need help formatting and standardizing these recipes, just email me when you are ready to finish it. I can pour it into InDesign and use styles to standardize the headers, fonts, and spacing. Then I can save a small 72 dpi pdf that will be easy to email to everyone. It’s not bad in current format, just offering. H Lisech.

    (We also write and publish mission resources devotional Bible studies and Home & Christian school Bible curriculum.) E4E stands for Essentials 4 Emergencies local seminars that I do.

    1. Howard,

      Thanks for sharing so many recipes. And, thanks for the offer to formatting the recipes. My vision is to put together this initial cookbook, but continue to accept recipes from here on out. And then, release an updated version every year or two. If you put it in InDesign, will it be editable later on when future recipes need to be added?


  4. Barbara down on the farm

    Hey Todd,
    I put a few into the mix– I will try to add some more from the farm kitchen here. Thanks for all you do!

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