Nine Low Budget and DIY Prepper Gifts

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a seasoned prepper or someone who is just starting to get into preparedness, these low-budget and DIY gifts will make an impact.  And, as an added bonus, many of these gifts can be used as “stealth prepper gifts”, so you can help your loved ones get prepared without them even realizing it!

A Budget Family Water Filter

Hydroblu has a Versaflow water filter kit which is an awesome gift!   This kit can turn a 5-gallon bucket into a family-sized water filter. The Versaflow will filter up to a 100,000 gallons.

I like this kit so much that I did a nice little video and created a PDF tutorial that you can download.

 The idea would be that you get the kit, which runs $26, and a 5-gallon bucket, with a lid. You then drill out the hole. Clean up the bucket, put the kit in there along with the PDF tutorial.

Then you can let just instruct the person who received the gift to put the bucket up in a closet somewhere, and if they ever need to filter water for whatever reason, this is their solution!

Meals in Jars

I receive these all the time. Like, homemade brownie mix and such! The last one had a nice little bow and a little card that tells you how to mix everything.

You can use dehydrated food or freeze-dried food to create full meals. You can even use freeze-dried hamburger crumbles.  But you could just go to the grocery store and use noodles, beans, or rice.  You’re putting all the ingredients in one jar so all someone needs to do is dump the ingredients out into some water, stir it up, shake it up, or whatever it might be. 

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I have a family member who always makes jellies. For no specific reason she will just share some fig jelly or whatever, and it’s usually pretty good. And it’s not really hard to make and it’s cheap to make too. 

Spices and Rubs

I had a boss who would make a Cajun spice to give as presents every Christmas. She would get all the bulk ingredients, mix it all together, and pour them in little shakers. And people loved it!

You could also make a rub and give it to that person who likes to barbecue.

This gift is very cost-effective when you’re making it in bulk.


This is one of those things that people will not usually make for themselves.  But it is one of those things that would be very beneficial. 

There is a hot echinacea tincture that I, have made before.  I found it years ago on the site Frugally Sustainable.  It is perfect for Cold and Flu Season!  

The thing with tinctures is you have to have some time, you gotta let them sit. 

Emergency Vehicle Repair Kit

I’m talking about a kit that would help somebody if they broke down. I’ve done this for all of our vehicles. You can go to Home Depot, get a small inexpensive tool bag, and fill it with items that will help like:

Throughout the years, I’ve probably used my vehicle repair kit more than I’ve used any of the other survival stuff I keep in my truck.

First Aid Kit 

You can find first aid kits for cheap.  I would let the person know,  “I’m giving you this first aid kit to keep in your car or a drawer in your desk at work. You can get kits from $9.99 to $19.99.  You’re not looking to do surgery with these kits, but I’ve I’ve done many videos, talked about it on podcast episodes before where I have used my first aid kit more than a lot of the other survival things that I might carry.  It’s a quick prepper gift.

DIY Meals Ready to Eat

 If you want to really give something cool, you can give DIY meals ready to eat. All you need is a Food Saver that can vacuum seal a package that you make. You put things in there like:

  • Peanut Butter
  • Beef Jerky
  • Tuna Packets
  • Instant oatmeal
  • Coffee Singles

And anything else you can think of.  Create a day’s worth of meals ready to eat in one package and give them a couple of days of those. Again, you’re buying a lot of the stuff in bulk. It doesn’t have to cost a whole lot of money. 

Power Bank w/ Some Extras

I think mobile power banks are a great gift!  Everyone should have one!  But beyond that, you might wanna get them a USB fan that can keep them cool if the power goes out.  Another extra would be an LED reading light.  Having this would allow someone to not have to use the flashlight on their phone.


Some of these ideas are DIY and some of these are low cost. Some of these might even be considered stealth prepper gifts.  But all of these gift ideas are gifts that someone can really use!

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