Following #Coronavirus on Twitter and Other Places

The news about the Coronavirus has been slowly ramping up.  There are many who are sounding the alarm and others who remind everyone to stay calm.  My opinion is to stay cautious and informed!  One way I do that is to follow what is happening on Twitter.  This post will share out some items I have seen and shared on Twitter, as well as other helpful links and information from other places as well.

From the Email List

In the Sat. Prep (sign-up for the email here), I shared a link to BNO News that tracks the latest information about the Coronavirus.  It is updated often.  The site tracks the virus in China and other parts of the world.  It also had a nice timeline you can follow below the map.  You can check out the Tracking Map by clicking here.  The map below is a live embedded map that you can manipulate.


On Twitter

Of course, there is not a way to confirm these Tweets.  So, it is good to take all the information you see as a whole and come up with your own opinion.







On this one, you’ll have to turn on captions.  It is the “cc” on the bottom right of the video.





In the Email Group

In the Exclusive Prepper Website Email Group, a member shared this helpful bit of information from a personal friend and medical professional who has a lot of experience dealing with Influenza flu (not Coronavirus) in a hospital setting.

Please remember that all these herbals are mostly for reinforcing the most powerful influenza defense you have. Your own immune system. Mankind has been battling disease long before we “discovered” supporting herbs and foods.

Indeed most if not all of those discoveries were discovered that we “Felt Better” after eating….

To HELP your Immune System. Get plenty of rest, drink plenty of water (Your morning urine will be yellow, the other 3 visits should be straw yellow or clear) eat healthy foods AND be aware of how you feel after you eat.

Chicken soup has been proven to help. Easy nutrition, extra fluids. MY GO TO when I have the “I WANNA DIE FLU” is Hot Kimchee Soup. It’s a cross between “Fire Cider” (Which WORKS pretty well for me) and Chicken Soup. Fermented foods SUPPORT the Gut which is most of your Immune System.

Hot Kimchee Soup Super Jewish Penicillin. Lots of Garlic, hot peppers, fermented goodies, easy nutrition.

So to reduce exposure to pathogens. Wear a mask if a lot of folks are getting sick. Wash your hands BEFORE touching your mucus membranes like your mouth, nose eyes. Reduce your time of exposure to sick people I. E. think are you shopping because your bored (I am often guilty here) or because you NEED to get IN (With a LIST AND a Plan to get’er DONE and gone..) for 10 days of food and critical needs.

Isolation protocol. To reduce bringing pathogens INTO your home. OUTSIDE your home set up IN THE SUNSHINE a place to spread out your groceries. Allow them to “Air Out” and get some sunshine (UV) decontamination. EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS here folks.

Set up a strip and wash zone. Assume your covered in nastiness and figure out how to get home and CLEAN UP before you hug your kids, sit on that sofa (making it contaminated) and in general not track it all over your house. Maybe a Soap and Water “Whores Bath” of your #1 your Hands #2 Face #3 Hair (a wonderful place for Flu Bugs to await your families kisses) and the AGAIN your hands.

Plastic bags to transport laundry into the ready washing machine WEAR a Mask when loading machine and WASH your Hands again.

Soap and Water are your friends.

IF despite all this effort you get sick, when you first notice it BLAST it with Isolation (as not to spread it to the rest of your family) plenty of bed rest, hydration good nutrition and whatever herbals you feel the need to add.

I always KNOW I’m coming down with something. DO NOT WAIT until your “Really Sick” to start self medicating. Stomp it NOW and thus your immune system has the best chance to destroy this problem before it’s overwhelmed.

You could look it up but the time from “Your feeling Poorly” to your really SICK from a nasty influenza is around 3 days. That second day or so YOUR Spewing Flu bugs all around. THUS the NEED to Isolate yourself ASAP. Any MASK is better than NO Mask. Always MASK the SICK ONES as they are SPEWING with every cough the BUG.

I’ve been working in the hospital system for decades. I’ve seen and survived many a nasty flu seasons as everybody SICK shows up to see us. The Above has been my personal FLU season protocol and has always done me well.


Like I said above, get informed and form your own opinions.  Ultimately, you are responsible for yourself and your family!





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