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Shoes or Rain?

It’s been really hot here in Houston! The other day I was thinking about how long it had been since it rained and how nice it would be if it did rain. It would definitely cool things off a little.

I was excited this afternoon when I looked out of my office window. I could see the clouds forming and the sky turning dark. It was about time we got some rain!

When I left work, there was a slight breeze and more comfortable than it had been outside in a long time. The truck didn’t take long to cool off.

But then I headed home. The raindrops hit my windshield, lightly at first and then it really came down. I had to turn the wipers up on high.

But then it hit me, I was going to have to get out in the pouring rain! Some people would welcome that. There have been plenty of times when I walked around in the rain. But I was coming home from work. I had dress slacks on and my new shoes on. And I just didn’t want to get wet!

I wanted the rain, I didn’t want what came with it! Rain was an inconvenience.

I know this is silly, but stay with me.

The things we sometimes desperately want can turn out to be inconveniences for us. It all comes down to value and importance.

Do I value my garden and want the rain? Do I value my shoes more and not want to get them wet?

Do I want…? Do I need…? Do I value…? Perspective! These all help us make decisions.

Rain isn’t that big of a deal. So I get wet a little. But what about taking care of a relationship or not buying that special widget to pay the electricity bill this month?

I/We need to make good decisions to better our future!


p.s. – It stopped raining by the time I got home! 😀

Written and published from my phone.

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