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Get Those Pests Out of My Garden!

Articles and Links Mentioned: How To Make Hot Pepper And Garlic Spray – Protect Your Plants Naturally! 23 Clever Uses for Cornstarch EP. 746 Podcast Links of Interest: Buy Me Coffee – Top Preparedness Articles Sent to Your Email! Is Preparedness Biblical? – Small Group Video Bible Study Join the Exclusive Email Group Sign-Up for the …

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Medical Preparedness – The Future of Medicine and Getting Prepared Now!

There are many uncertainties in our future. One search uncertainty is the state of medicine. That is why medical preparedness should an important focus for every one who wants to live a self-reliant life. Dr. Joe Alton (Dr. Bones) and Amy Alton (Nurse Amy), share medical preparedness information to the Preparedness Community. Ep. 719 – Medical …

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Our Vulnerable Power Grid

We are very dependent on electricity, more so than we would like to admit. If the grid went down for a prolonged event, there would be serious issues throughout our society. It’s not something we like to think about. But in doing so, we don’t consider how vulnerable we are. Our grid is fragile. And …

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Stealth Christmas Gifts

Many of us have family and loved ones who don’t prep. We are concerned for them because when things get tough, they won’t be prepared. Christmas is a good time to get them prep gear or knowledge in a form of a gift. However, the best way to do this is to give them a …

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