Show notes for The Ready Your Future Podcast!

Finding a Prepper Group

On the top of many Prepper’s wish lists is the desire to find a prepper group or a MAG, which stands for Mutual Assistance Group. But because of Operational Security and prepping supplies being limited, many Preppers don’t make it public that they prep. This can lead to isolation and even loneliness as preppers don’t …

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Fearing the Future

With all the news, it is easy to fear the future. But those who want to live a more self-reliant life take it up a notch when we start to really delve into how fragile our world is and how easily things can sideways. But fearing the future shouldn’t keep us from being prepared. In …

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Real Prep Planning

Being prepared is so much more than just acquiring some stuff. Real preparedness is taking a look at your needs and preparing along those needs. It is important for every prepper to start off by doing some prep planning and make sure you can face the next emergency with confidence. Ep. 702 – Prep Planning …

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