Making Due

When I was a kid, my abuelita (grandmother) used to make gorditas.

They were a sweet pancake like bread that tasted so good…hot, cold, you name it!

The problem is that my mom or my aunts never learned how to make them. So when my grandmother died, the recipe died with her.

One day, I decided to search for a recipe and found one very similar to my grandmother’s. It’s not exactly the same, her gorditas were smoother on the outside, but with a tweak in the recipe, I got them to taste the same.

The recipe isn’t a survival recipe, but it is easy to make and taste great! The recipe I used can be found here. I just added another 1/3 cup of sugar!

If your parent or grandparent has a family recipe you love to eat, don’t hesitate to ask them for it! Write it down and practice it with them!

Peace, Todd

Making Due