Bringing Back Bible Study

I used to go to church on Wednesday nights, Sunday mornings and Sunday nights. I didn’t necessarily grow up going three times a week, but when I turned my life over to the Lord, I wanted to learn as much as possible and spend time with other Believer’s in His presence. As Christian Preppers watch …

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Christmas in September?!?

Christmas in September?!? We keep hearing about shortages…EVERYWHERE! Some are buying into it and preparing and others have been bitten by the mainstream media, social media, prepper media, crying wolf. From what I can tell, different parts of the country (and the world) will experience different shortages at any given time. If you think shortages …

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The Need to be More Self-Reliant

One thing (among others) that COVID-19 has brought to light is the need to be more self-reliant. This is a topic that is discussed in the Preparedness Community, but now, it is coming more and more to light for everyone, as we deal with supply chain disruptions and the economic impact of just being consumers …

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