Why You Need Cats When SHTF

Cats When SHTF

This is a guest post by Gar Mosey.

I have never seen this seriously overlooked issue addressed on any survival/prepping site, so I decided to write this article about Cats When SHTF, complete with my warped sense of humor thrown in for free. With government overreach rampant and unwarranted panic over the Corona Virus, now is definitely the time to let the cat out of the bag. (Pun intended) Throw in BLM and ANTIFA and the s*** could hit the fan for real…very soon.

I have only seen articles on how to prepare supplies for your cat/dog before SHTF, nothing like what follows. 

Worst Case Scenario – True SHTF

Imagine a worst case scenario: COVID-19 infections have disrupted the food chain to the point of shortages. BLM/ANTIFA animals are running a muck, raping, killing, looting. The power grid has been down for months. It doesn’t matter whether this was caused by an EMP, WW3, sabotage/direct attack on power distribution stations, online cyber attacks or collapse of the world economy due to COVID-19. Society has broken down. Anarchy reigns in most areas. The power is out and is not coming back on for months, maybe years…possibly never in some areas.

People are starving. No electricity, sewer, water, gas, etc. Filth, pollution and disease abound. Idiots poured out of the cities in droves to “live off the land” with no survival knowledge. Lakes and rivers were fished out in mere months. They blasted anything that moved to obtain food. They only succeed in hunting every imaginable species that could be eaten – including humans in some areas – to the point of extinction. What they killed was mostly wasted. Untrained urbanites can’t properly skin, prepare and preserve wild game, whether it’s rabbit, squirrel, birds, or something larger. Most starved to death in a year, died of disease or were eaten by cannibals.


Further Reading: FREE PDF – Rabbit Processing


Those who remained in the cities and suburbs fared far worse. Many were killed by roving bands of raiders looking for food, water, drugs, liquor, women, gasoline, etc. Women often were kidnapped and used as sex slaves, slave labor, bartering items. Water and waste disposal facilities ceased to function. General chaos, disease and mayhem reigned supreme. Guess what happened next? Rats, rats and more rats. Millions, billions, maybe trillions of rats. In one year 1 female can have 2000+ babies. Do the math.


Rats chewing up your place?

Mistakes Will Be Made 

Naturally, the surviving urbanites turned to eating their family pets when food ran low. Some even consumed their obnoxious neighbors. Dogs, cats, rabbits (which, BTW, are an excellent renewable source of food if you are set up to raise them), even Crazy Joe’s 8′ python was fair game. Consuming felines to the brink of extinction was actually the stupidest thing they could have done. DO NOT EAT THE CATS! I repeat: DO NOT EAT THE CATS WHEN SHTF!!!!!

Cats are ecologically far more important than most people realize. They are super-predators, although small in stature compared to others. Behind the scenes, they control rabbit, bird, mouse and rat populations, to the dismay of uninformed bleeding-heart idiots who see only the killing aspect. “Oh, the poor birdie! Look what the bad kitty did.” Yea, right. Google MacQuarie Island to find out what happened when some bright boys decided to remove all the cats because they were eating the pretty birdies. Idiots! (Start chant now: “Orange kitty bad. Must be removed.” LOL) Also check out Operation Cat Drop in Borneo during the 50s where the WHO managed to screw up the natural order of things. Yes, that WHO. The ones involved in the Corona farce. If you don’t understand the inter-relationship of ecosystems, don’t mess with it!



You Need Cats When SHTF

Without free roaming cats controlling the rodent population in the cities, you can bet yer ass humans won’t last long. Rats, birds, insect pests and rabbits will eat what meager crops are grown. Rats will quickly over-run the area, spreading disease and devouring everything in sight. Good-by humans! I hope that cat stew is worth it. I guarantee you will regret that dinner.

The lesson: In a worst-case scenario, under no circumstances should you eat cats. (Although I have heard they are good oven-baked with BBQ sauce. Heehee) No matter how hungry and tempted you are, don’t do it. I doubt if anyone will have enough sense to follow my advice when their family has not eaten for a week, but believe me, the surviving humans will pay dearly for your ignorance .

Besides, if you eat the Cats When the SHTF, you will miss their cuteness, comforting purrs and company…right up to the time rabid rats feast on your rotting flesh or your ravenous wife thinks you are worth more as dinner than a partner/provider.

Feel free to contact me with your comments and/or ideas for future articles (I would like to stick with little-known or never before published stuff, no over-done mainstream topics.)

Guest Author: Gar Mosey – OneRide@protonmail.com


Cats When SHTF

8 thoughts on “Why You Need Cats When SHTF”

  1. Simply Human

    Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Thanks for the Friday laugh!!! Cats are so awesome!!

  2. Michael

    Hello Ed seems we have a friend in common. He writes SHTF books.

    While house cats have some usefulness in keeping small mice at bay I’ve SEEN cats killed by rats in 3rd world countries. That said may I humbly suggest rat terriers as a more effective solution to rats, voles, ground squirrels and moles? All of these vermin destroy fruit trees and gardens.

    Rat terriers were bred to dig up and destroy rat colonies. They were used before the mass use of rat poison to eliminate them. A cat may kill a couple a day a rat terrier or even better a pair of them will work tirelessly digging up nests and killing them all.

    Plus they make good guard dogs and eat little.

    1. Yes, I agree, Rat Terriers are great at killing rats and other pests. But the major problem is there are nowhere near enough Rat Terriers to make a difference. Compare a few thousand in the USA (They are classified as a rare breed) to millions of cats! And there is a good chance they will be eaten, just like the cats.

  3. Remember the Black Plague ! Caused by people killing cats that they regarded as “Evil”…and linked to witchcraft. The cats were not there to eat the rats, and the disease was spread by fleas on the rats, and the rats themselves. So remember the past and love the cats.

  4. Get a cat and a Rat Terrier. Make sure they get along with each other and both can work as a team to kill the rats.

  5. My cats will hunt and kill moths, grasshoppers, snakes, mice, squirrels, birds and occasional table scraps. I always let them eat whatever they catch but would share a dove if I were hungry and was quick enough to see them catch it before they ate all of it. They like to show their catch off to me so it would not be that hard. You don’t need to worry about them when you go on vacation as they can fend for themselves. They find a place to sleep no matter how cold it is. If they aren’t neutered they will provide enough babies for some good protein also. i am not sure of the quality but they even provide some fertilizer for my garden.

  6. Michael

    Larry during the Weimar Republic in post WW1 Germany when the Germans tried to print themselves out of a Depression money got to the point they didn’t count it, they WEIGHED it. A true story of a man that left his weekly paycheck outside his house on a wheel barrow as nobody would steal it. he was right, they STOLE the wheelbarrow. To the point, cats were hunted, called “Roof Rabbits” cooked and eaten as protein.

    Sadly given our governments efforts to spend us out of the COVID depression with Federal Reserve Computer Digits (they don’t even bother to print now…) that is coming soon to a city or town near you.

    Dog cat and human manures contain pathogens you don’t want in your garden. They must be completely composted for over a year before being used on food plantings.

    And thanks for the idea about the lack of rat terriers, I think I shall start breeding them. I used to breed 13 inch tri colored beagles many years ago.

    1. @Michael

      If you start breeding Rat Terriers you should also post on every prepper/survivalist site you can. I would bet most people have no idea why Rat Terriers are called Rat Terriers. Unfortunately, 95% of the sites ignore emails and submitted articles. That I don’t understand. Ya would think they would like to pass on the knowledge…especially esoteric topics like Cats during SHTF and why you need a Rat Terrier.

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