Coronavirus for Preppers (Resources)

Coronavirus for preppers is just not for preppers, of course. But it is a place where you can get information that would be useful to stay informed of what is going on. The links and resources below will be updated or added to as they become available or shared with me, so please check back often.

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5 thoughts on “Coronavirus for Preppers (Resources)”

  1. Way Beyond the Mask: CoronaVirus Defense: Phase I  II  III  IV – Protection You Are Not Being Told About.   Details and formulas to prepare at home for Self Protection.   CoronaVirus Herbal Cure Home Remedy.  Secrets no one is telling you about. There is a lot more you can do. Just because God and his protection for us has been declared quackery, doesn’t make it so.
    Capt. Gray:  USAF Biological Warfare Officer – Texas A&M Animal Nutrition & Genetics – Director, (3,000+ families preparing 10,000 people any of Life’s Challenges).

    Why me:  Why isn’t your Doctor telling you these lifesaving processes??  Why aren’t the people we trust telling us??  Why aren’t the Politicians telling us??  Your Doctor spent about $150,000.00 going through medical school where all this stuff was taught as quackery and didn’t make any money for the Drug Companies and can’t be Pattoned. Finally, man has become smarter than God.

    Just Ain’t No Profit in Curing You and Yours.   Sad, but I fear it’s true:
    I have prepare Survival Kits that contain everything you need to mount a successful defense against the Coronavirus, any virus or bacteria as well as BiologicalWarfareAgents of which this may be one.  The answer, you decide. See the facts:

  2. Useful resource to help keep an eye on things. Thanks TJ for your video I found it highly helpful. I myself plan to self isolate and I have the supplies and means to do so as long as this thing does not blow over.

  3. Thanks for sharing this valuable information. I’ve been reading everything I can to get informed about the coronavirus. It’s concerning to see just how bad things have gotten and there isn’t an end in sight. That said, I think people are recognizing that we need to get prepared and take this seriously. Preppers have been prepared for a pandemic like this, but we need others to get prepared as well. Time will tell whether or not that happens…

  4. I am thankful that I was prepped prior to COVID-19 arriving on the scene! I am still prepped and will stay that way as long as it is possible based on the economy! So far, I am still in great shape and plan to remain that way.

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