EP. 138 – Food Storage, Too Early vs Too Late, A Bugout Formula

This is Episode 138!


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3 thoughts on “EP. 138 – Food Storage, Too Early vs Too Late, A Bugout Formula”

  1. Todd, As for being “board” with hearing about Harvey, I can’t thank you enough for your insight, you are “on the ground” and you give us information from a very informed and unique perspective! This is what this website is all about… being prepared. Keep up the awesome work!
    Trent Cody

  2. Bugout formula comment – the article assumes bugouters will default to the main traffic arteries. Rule 1 is to plan that the main routes will become parking lots. Rule 2 is to find alternative route out. Real world application. The Oroville Dam evacuation, main roads turned into quick sand, but preppers were aware of alternative routes and I read many who got to safety within a hour.

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