EP. 223 – 3 Things Killing Your Budget, Church After SHTF

This is Episode 223!


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1 thought on “EP. 223 – 3 Things Killing Your Budget, Church After SHTF”

  1. One option for cell phones is a company called Freedom Pop. All you have to do is buy the SIM card and then any Mom and Pop shop for cell phone service can make it work in your phone. So long as your carrier still uses SIMs cards that is.

    I use this as a backup cellphone kept in the dash. For someone that doesn’t use much data and limited text/calls it would work well. Yes you can still use Wi-Fi to download anything you want. Service is VERY limited unless you live on the East or West coast.

    Hope this helps someone! Haven’t posted on a while but still listening! Keep up the great podcast!

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