EP. 262 – Stuck in the City, Multi-Uses for Coffee Filters

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4 thoughts on “EP. 262 – Stuck in the City, Multi-Uses for Coffee Filters”

  1. One use of a Coffee Filter is to reuse the grease from cooking for example Bacon and Hamburger take coffee filter and a rubber band over a mason jar and slowly pore the heated grease into mason jar the Coffee Filter will catch the remnants from cooking let cool and reuse for lard.

  2. Illini Warrior

    great everyday use for coffee filters is to catch any crap in your various stored fuels – put a coffee filter in the bottom of your funnel – especially when filling the tank on your small engine equipment – you’ll be surprised at the filtering results ….

  3. Mark Panattoni

    Todd: I am new to your site, but I’m an avid long time prepper (I’m not a Facebook fan – found you through a podcast search) Your Ste is a fabulous collection of info! I’ve been working my way through the whole archive. Your tireless work is most appreciated! I’m ordering more cofee filters today!! 😊

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