EP. 71 – Home Remedies, Treating a Sprain, Raising Chicks

This is Episode 71!


Episode 71 Articles:

What’s good for sunburn? Check out the Best Home Remedies for Sunburn

How To Treat A Painful Sprain On The Field – 16:16

How To Raise Chicks: How To Get Hens To Adopt Mail Order or Feed Store Chicks – 22:37

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4 thoughts on “EP. 71 – Home Remedies, Treating a Sprain, Raising Chicks”

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Todd. If you ever decided to have author’s read their own articles, I could record some for you. My eldest got me set up with better sound equipment, just not much time to use it yet.

  2. Beebo Sansiclina

    The timestamps are great. I can skip ahead of skills or things I know. It’s tough to comment on an episode through my pocketcast app, but I had to go out of my way and get on the site directly to let you know about the timestamps. Thanks for what your doing. Keep up the good work.

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