EP. 78 – When to G.O.O.D., Interview – Prepper Ralph, Cyber Attack

This is Episode 78!


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11 thoughts on “EP. 78 – When to G.O.O.D., Interview – Prepper Ralph, Cyber Attack”

  1. You mentioned getting your ham radio license if you have audible.com membership they have a audiobook called The Fast Track To Your Technician Class License that help me get my license

  2. Hello Todd, another option for getting your “ticket” (Ham radio license) it to download the question pool from the web, print it out then take a highlighter and highlight the correct answers. Do not read any other answer option, just the correct one. After reading through the Q&A multiple times when you take the test the correct answer will “jump” off the page. I purchased books, software and mock testing when I was prepping for my Tech license then read this trick from someone in a ham forum and tried it when I took my General test and passed without an issue at all.

    Hope this helps,

    Trent Cody

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