EP. 487 – Home Remedies and Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

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2 thoughts on “EP. 487 – Home Remedies and Benefits of Cayenne Pepper”

  1. Thank you Todd for a laugh out loud moment you gave me at 23:45… “40,000 B.T.U.s” Ironically that’s the way water heaters and furnaces are rated (British thermal units). I know you meant Hu (Heat Units). I use Cayenne Pepper on cuts that won’t stop bleeding and it stings a bit but it stops it fast! Thanks for the podcast, I never miss it!

    1. LOL. Trent!

      I went back to look at my bottle and it says 40,000 STU (Scoville Thermal Units).

      Do I get points for being close? 😉


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