EP. 510 – Homesteading on One Acre

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4 thoughts on “EP. 510 – Homesteading on One Acre”

  1. Valerie

    Goats on one acre? Check out Weed em and Reap Youtube channel. She only has one acre, in a suburb.

  2. Todd, Valerie is spot on, my wife Trixy (A.K.A. T-bone), LOVES Weed em and Reap! We have 1.83 acres and have 8 goats (6 pregnant), over 40 chickens and 10 quail. You can have goats on one acre but you will have to supplement the feed and hay. You can see our farm at https://www.facebook.com/ivyheartfarm/ Love the podcast, I listen to several a day and you are in the top three, the first I listen to in the morning (Java Todd) and the only podcast that I do not delete from my phone. Please keep up the awesome job, you reach more people than you think and congratulations on TWO years, you rock!

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