EP. 526 – Economic Spiral – The Family Dilemma

As most average Americans feel the economy spiraling slowly downward, many might find themselves having to help family members who can’t make it financially any longer.  This is different than a full collapse.  What are some things that families should consider?


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4 thoughts on “EP. 526 – Economic Spiral – The Family Dilemma”

  1. Enjoyed the podcast and I couldn’t agree more with your perspective. We’ve had my parents living with us for a few years now. I’ve been overall pleasantly surprised at how well things have gone. They are both around 60 and still very capable, however, my mother’s disability brings unpredictable hospital visits, multiple surgeries, and lots of at home care. The chaos that was brought into the whole family when things really started spiraling was overwhelming. It has brought a lot of peace to the family having then here in a stable setup. The details are challenging to maintain and we really have to exercise a lot of self control and really respect everyone’s space. We do reasonably okay but I wouldn’t day things are ever just the way I would like them to be. Great episode..thanks for all your hard work..we all benefit from it.

    1. Thanks, Mandy for your comment. Is there one specific piece of advice you would give to someone who is in a similar situation, but maybe not as long?


  2. Guillermo

    Well, mi story has be chaotic. But i still surviving and I going to shared it. Please, excuse my typos. My first language is spanish.
    First i was single with a good job and low spends. I have a house a car and wasting money. Suddenly, my father die. Bren the only son of my mother, she and my aunt came to live with me. That was no so bad, she help me on the house and cook some of my favorite meals. However, she tend to take over half of the house. But i was busy working and don’t care. I just get to my house to sleep and rest of the time out. Then, I get know love with American girl from the north of USA ( i am Latin from the Caribbean). She has 2 little ones, i get them as mine and I take her as my wife. Immediately, the cultural problems clash. It was an small house now with 3 bed rooms and 6 people. It was like live in the middle of a wrestling ring and me been the referee. I have the help of my mother in law, but she has also her “opinions” and were some times insulting to me. However, I was in need of help , so I don’t say anything back. Then, not too later, my first born came to this word. My wife enter in post pardon depression and was father and mother for the kid for when she was “away”. Suddenly, hurricane Maria hit the island. All was devastated. I was the only man at the house dealing with moving water, looking for food, medicines and working. Not to end there, next year my little girl arrive. My wife get depress again. Now we are 8 in one house. The hurricane allow me to get out some of my retirement money and build a room (like an studio) to provide space and separate the family a bit. It has also a bathroom and kitchen. Also, i remove all unnecessary spends and was more aware of finance. I still struggling and with a lot of stress but God has help me to survive.
    The only thing that I can share is never lose the hope. Always, move forward because there is a door even that you don’t see it. Put your eyes in God even under stream stress.
    I like to be prepared for things. I now more that I am a father. I want to protect and provide what they need. It is my duty. That is the reason I get looking for this type of information and be better preppered for things.
    I thanks you for the information that you collect and put at our disposal.

    1. Guillermo,

      I love your faith in God and the responsibility you have to take care of your family. I’m glad that the podcast is helpful to you and your preparedness.

      God Bless!


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