HAM Radio Prep

Many people believe that if the SHTF, they can pick up a HAM radio and connect with others without any issues.  But there might be more than meets the eye when considering communicating with HAM radios.



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  1. Hi Todd, a few answers to some questions you had. Regarding the registration book access, your registered address and who can access it. All HAMS are registered via the FCC, as such ALL hams are searchable by anyone via the FCC website. If you want to stay as anonymous as possible you will need bbn to INITIALLY register with a PO box and maintain that box. I believe if you ever register a physical address, you no longer can change to a PO box.Most states have a vanity plate DMV option for HAMS, where you can have your call sign as your license with a little lightning bolt icon, the problem is if someone has your call sign, they can look up your address via the FCC website (hence why I have not done this myself). Hope that answers some of your questions, you can be anonymous, but you need to do it up front as a PO box and maintain it.

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