Are You Not Entertained?

Having a way to entertain your family or group is important during an emergency situation.  You might be crazy busy getting things in “survival” mode, but what if you have downtime?  Having a form of entertainment will help boost morale and provide a means of fun for the group.


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1 thought on “Are You Not Entertained?”

  1. Tyler Goodwin

    Hey Todd, Tyler Goodwin here. Great episode but I noticed you didn’t mention tabletop role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Starfinder, etc. While semi complex games, a TTRPG can provide not just a little entertainment but can provide an escape to a different place. Countless adventures and monster fights. It works wonders for the imagination that Poker and Monopoly just simply do not do. Some adventures can take many sessions to complete making something players can look forward to. Couple sets of dice, character sheets, a pencil, and the basic rules are all that’s needed to play. Mind you there is a lot more resource material and adventures out there if those are acquired as well. But you might like what you find as I think it can provide a lot more for an entertainment option. Thanks for your content and keep em coming! 🙂

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