Prepping Your Vehicle for TEOTWAWKI or NOT!

Many people spend a lot of time in their vehicle.  It makes sense to have supplies and items available for an emergency situation.


Mentioned in this Episode: 

Items of Interest:

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2 thoughts on “Prepping Your Vehicle for TEOTWAWKI or NOT!”

  1. Reminds me of the Book Locusts on the Horizon. It talks about being able to move around in bad times and the things to have

  2. Mmmm. Might should be titled “Prepping with your 18 wheeler”. I have to agree with all of your commentary, too much stuff. BUT pretty much all of the items listed would be greatly needed (except a full set of tires, lol) in a TEOTWAWKI situation so it emphasizes the need for a BOL where a lot of that stuff is already hidden on site and/or on the way.

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