Getting them On-board – Helping Family Understand the Importance of Preparedness

Many preppers find themselves being solo-preppers even though they might be married or in a relationship.  Being a solo prepper could be a lonely place to be in because you might not be able to openly discuss the concerns you have with your significant others because it might freak them out.  So what can solo preppers do to help their loved ones understand the importance of preparedness?  Listen to this episode to learn more!


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2 thoughts on “Getting them On-board – Helping Family Understand the Importance of Preparedness”

  1. Theresa

    This was already a very helpful episode. I had bought several different types of dehydrated meals to test with my husband for our BOBs and car supply. After hearing the recommendation to try to get the family on board by mentioning more likely possibilities, I came home and said, “Honey, remember when you had that performance in that little town and we didn’t have anything for dinner? We hadda drive along that mountain road to get a pizza finally, and it was expensive and also nasty tasting? Well, if we had had a couple of dehydrated meals with us, we could have just added water and been able to eat!” He really liked the idea and is willing to try some of the meals I bought. Of each one he likes, I will buy a case. Some for the BOB and some for the home front/bug in situation. Thanks again!

    1. That’s a great story Theresa! I’m glad he is more open to the idea of having some meals on hand.

      Thanks for sharing!


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