Running the Numbers – Knowing When to Keep and Throw Out Food

Food is too important to just throw it away because you “think” it might be bad.  When that food is your food storage, then you’re talking about the preparedness of your family!  Do you know what “best by” and “use by” dates really mean?


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2 thoughts on “Running the Numbers – Knowing When to Keep and Throw Out Food”

  1. Patricia

    Don’t store Mayonnaise

    Take it from someone who tried. Don’t have more than 1 bottle in your storage and keep an eye on the expiration date. In my experience you can only push it about 1 year past that date. It just goes off and discolors too quickly.

  2. Good episode. I totally agree with writing the date on cans. Will save time in the long run especially for older people that have vision issues.

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