20 Prepper Tips – Basic and Pro Tips to Increase Your Preparedness + FREE PDF

Knowing where to start in preparedness is helpful for every new prepper.  Having a starting point also helps experienced preppers to gauge if they have stayed the course in staying balanced in the preparedness or maybe have become too heavy in one area or another.  These tips are helpful for new preppers.  But this episode also includes some “pro” prepper tips that can be useful for those who need to take their preparedness up a notch.


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1 thought on “20 Prepper Tips – Basic and Pro Tips to Increase Your Preparedness + FREE PDF”

  1. Patricia

    On 55 gallon Barrels.
    My prepper / food storage room is on the second floor (I know you mentioned basement but I don’t have one). I don’t store water there. There are several considerations
    1. What if it leaks? Water runs down stream.
    2. Water is heavy. You are adding a very heavy static load to your structure. What if you have wind / earthquake.

    So please emphasis having it at earth level whatever that may be. Also water barrels should be off the ground (have an air gap underneath) that way if the cement is freezing or significantly cooler the barrel isn’t in direct contact so is less likely to crack.

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