Preparing for Quarantine

Quarantine is one of those topics that doesn’t come up very often in preparedness.  But with the Coronavirus causing havoc in China and the potential of it coming to your area, it is probably time to visit this topic again.  It’s not something we want, but if we have to go through quarantine, what should we be considering.  The time to think about this is now, not when it is about to happen.


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  1. Myles R Dressler

    First up, I want to thank you for the effort you put into this community. I very much appreciate your no-nonsense and non-hysterical presentation of information.
    Regarding the media presence on the Coronavirus issue, I don’t spend much time at all on the cable news networks, but I thought you might be interested to know that NPR’s hourly news broadcast almost always has updates regarding the Coronavirus, and APM’s Marketplace and Marketplace AM programs also have daily segments on the virus. While these programs do not have the market saturation that the cable networks do, it is still an easily-accessible media source that reaches (or can reach) a large number of people, as they broadcast on air, but also have a podcast feed for each of the programs I mentioned.
    There are a couple other observations I have had regarding the media and China itself. While it is true that China is likely covering up at least some of the information surrounding this epidemic, the global reaction to their coverup of SARS was unpleasant enough for them that they are definitely being more transparent with this virus than they were previously. It may not be enough, but it is something, at least.
    In regards to your statement about not seeing many social media posts from China, I thought you and your other readers/listeners might be interested in this article about the use of Les Miserables’ “Do You Hear the People Sing?” as a tribute to Dr. Li Wenliang’s death. I first heard this mentioned on NPR (iirc), but have only been able to find this Mashable source link. Normally I wouldn’t cite Mashable, but as they are the only source, and they include many links and images of Tweets as supporting evidence, it seems legitimate enough on this article, at least:

    Thanks again for your time and effort, and I hope my two cents is helpful or interesting.

    Myles Dressler

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