Tight Budget? You Can Still Get Prepared!

Preparedness costs money.  The problem is some feel that if they don’t have the money to fully prep, they don’t want to prep at all.  But that view is seriously flawed.  Every move towards preparedness puts you and your family in a better place.  So even if you are prepping on a budget, you can make moves to be better prepared.


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2 thoughts on “Tight Budget? You Can Still Get Prepared!”

  1. Dear Todd, thanks for your engagement for more preparedness. Altough I disagree in many terms with your view on the world (e.g. weapons, religion) I still feel that preparedness is more than ever important. Here in Germany corona is spreading fast and the supermarkets are beginning to empty. Face masks and Desinfectants are no longer available.

    Our goverment recommends to keep supplies for at least 10 days and have published a list which products you should have at home at all time.
    This month they have started a project to collect recipies for meals which can be cooked from this ingredients/products. The best recipies will be published in a cook book.
    If its finished I will try to translate some in english.

    Best Regrads


    1. HI Willi,

      Things haven’t started getting crazy in Texas yet. But I suspect that they will. I look forward to your translated cook book.

      Be safe and stay as informed as you can.


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