Bible Prophecy, Current Events and More with John Haller

John Haller - Bible Prophecy

John Haller – Bible Prophecy Teacher, spent a good while with me talking about Bible Prophecy, Current Events and More. John shares his knowledge of Bible Prophecy with his church, Fellowship Bible Chapel every Sunday and streams the update LIVE for others to benefit from. Check out this laid back interview and get to know John Haller and his ideas on faith, Bible Prophecy and what might be coming.

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6 thoughts on “Bible Prophecy, Current Events and More with John Haller”

  1. Worse episode I’ve heard yet. Frankly the man is a bigot (anti gay marriage, anti transgender). I am so tired of people pretending to be “holy” while spreading hate.

    He also apparently doesn’t understand the severity of the pandemic as he characterized safety measure to combat Covid as crazy.

    Lastly to have the “chutzpah” to believe that he can tie current events to “God’s will/plan” is so ridiculous on so many levels that he should be laughed at, not allowed to spread his message in anything close to a serious forum.

    I’ve always considered you (Todd) must be a genuinely nice person, even with your “Christian beliefs” but if this is the kind of ideals you subscribe to then I guess my impression of you was wrong.

    1. And so, yet another example of “believe as I believe or you’re a racist, bigot,etc. “. What will you say on Judgement Day?

  2. PJ in Indiana

    Although I no longer follow John’s prophecy update because in my opinion, he has aligned himself too much with Jacob Prasch who has gone over the line insofar as bullying and maligning other pastors and ministries who preach Pre-Trib Rapture, it was interesting to hear he has some preps and is considering bugging out. I noticed you didn’t follow-up with asking him about his preps (in general) and what he is willing to do to protect his family. Because no one is asking THIS tough question, I feel that will leave many adrift and afraid and willing to compromise against friends, family, and their own faith. Has anyone considered that prepping allows many to continue BEING faithful? And are we not exhorted by Paul to be faithful to the very end (1 Cor 1:8)? Since our God blesses us and gives us all provision, I use what He has given me to prudently prepare to keep going, and to help others do the same. So, prepping is a large part of being a good steward of what He has blessed me with. Overall, an interesting podcast.

  3. Jeanne Geib

    Not being a Christian I have real concerns about staying on this site. Please let me know if this kind of nonsense will be pushed and I will leave?

    1. Jeanne,

      I’m a Christian, a pastor and I openly talk about my faith. This is not a Christian podcast, but my faith is going to come out naturally. If you can’t handle that, there are plenty of other preparedness podcasts and websites out there. Feel free to visit them.


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