Prepper Health – Boosting Your Immune System

Being prepared means so much more than having some skills and buying some gear. Your health is important factor in dealing with the uncertainties of what many may experience. And a big part of being in good health means you have a healthy immune system. Your immune systems can have a limited reserve. If your body is overly stressed or compromised, certain diseases might be a potential issue. As a result, you should be proactive in boosting your immune system to be better prepared. Prepper health is just as important as water, food and any other topic in preparedness.

Your immune system is designed to protect you against viruses, bacteria, and parasites. It usually works really well, but sometimes microbes can get buy your immune system and wreck havoc. Viruses are the most problematic due to their tendency to mutate.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Todd. I always appreciate Dr Bones and Nurse Amy. I’m looking forward to making the Lemon Turmeric Drink.

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