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“EDC” is short for “Every Day Carry,” and it means that you have your blade with you every day, or at least as often as possible. While some people use the term “EDC” to mean any type of knife (fixed blade, folder, etc.), in the knife community, it typically means a small folding knife that fits
in your pocket.

There are many uses for an EDC Knife. Some people carry one around as an easily accessible tool for opening boxes and packages, cutting rope and string, opening food packaging, cutting fruit, etc. An EDC Knife can also be used as a last-resort self-defense weapon if the need arises.

A knife is a tool to have on you at all times. Whether it’s for self-defense, cutting food, or just opening boxes. Whatever the situation, there are knives that will fit the need with a size and weight for almost anyone.

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  1. Tyler Goodwin

    Thanks for making this podcast. Knives are important to learn early on for everyone. When I was younger I had a fried who was a fellow boy scout. In middle school, one time he had went on a campout and forgot his knife in his backpack and took it to school. As soon as he realized he had it he walked it to the office to turn it in and apologize for forgetting he had it. They expelled him. Turned himself in and he got expelled. People are crazy out there be careful.

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