Where Did All the Christians Go? The Scariest of Times!

The Bible talks about a time when things will get really bad on the Earth. There will be pestilience, famines, economic and pollitical turmoil and more. It will be a time like no other in history. But before that happens, Christians will disappear. It sounds like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, but it is very real. The question is, will you be here when it gets that bad or will you be one of the Believers who has disappeared?

If you are listening to this before that time happens, there are things you can do now, to make sure you survive that time. If you are listening to this after Christians have disappeared, there is still hope, but you have to know and be prepared to weather a time like no one else has ever experienced.

Where did all the Christians go is an episode that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I hope it will be a blessing to you as you listen.

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3 thoughts on “Where Did All the Christians Go? The Scariest of Times!”

  1. So glad you did this podcast, Todd and had Mark on. Such a timely podcast and pertinent information. May many hear this and if they don’t know Him, come to know Christ as well as marginal Christians (if that’s the right term), stop, think and search their hearts and press into Him like never before! For that matter may we all that know Christ press into Him, spend time in His Word and be led by Him daily. He will be our strong tower, strength and safe refuge no matter what comes.
    Look forward to visiting Mark’s site and reading some of his books. Definitely sound to be well worth the reading.
    Thanks you Todd and Mark for sharing when many aren’t doing more than following doctrine their told, let along telling others anything besides ear tickles.

  2. Dare Tuitt

    Very interesting show today. Especially the opinions regarding your church being your mission field. I would like to see several shows that discuss only this topic, starting with how to broach the coming Tribulation and the need for Jesus, with unsaved and/or back-sliden family, friends and associates. Also, how to discuss the Rapture and preparedness with politically Liberal family members who attend apostate churches that ordain women, homosexuals, perform homosexual marriage ceremonies, etc. I have had this discussion with close family and I’m treated as a “fundamentalist” and therefore, dismissed. Their children (my nieces and nephews) pigeon hole me as their crazy relation who must be tiptoed around. This is a vital topic that needs several airings!

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