Prepper Smartphone: Can Your Cellphone Help You Survive?

With a little knowledge, your smartphone can help you big time in an emergency situation. The obvious way is of course to call someone. But many people don’t think about all the other ways your prepper smartphone can work for you. And this is before all the APPS that are available for you to download and use. Don’t let the fact that your cellphone is a high tech piece of gear keep you from considering it an important survival tool. Get to know all the ways it can help you in an emergency situation.


• Bit Warden – Password Manager
• Signal Messaging
• Standard Notes
• Telegram
• Weather APP by the Weather Channel
• Skimmer Scanner – Bluetooth
• Disaster Prediction by Suspicious Observers
• Waze
• Smart Compass
• Avast

APPS on Android
• On X Maps – Off Road –
• Life 360 (for our sons car, mostly). We just have the free version – it gives you live tracking on where your phone is (and the speed that it is going)
• Weather APP
• SAS Survival
• Morse code Survival
• knot guide lite
• 5-0 radio – lots of ads
• Zello
• First Aid & Emergency – New Zealand Red Cross
• St John Ambulance First Aid

• Storm Radar
• Foraging with the Wildman for plant information
• Bootprint which keeps track of the location of the last cell phone tower that I pass. This app give direction information back to that tower to allow moving toward the tower to get cell service if lost.
• Commander Compass for a phone based compass.
• Solar Alert
• Quake Feed

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