Getting Off the Doom Merry-Go-Round

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2 thoughts on “Getting Off the Doom Merry-Go-Round”

  1. Thanks Todd for this podcast!
    I’m exploring as I have time on the new site.
    Excited for this new part of your journey and our journey with you.
    I’ll be sharing out that the Email List is opening up for new members.
    There is a lot of doom and gloom on groups I belong to and I find
    I have to be super careful to stay focused and at peace as I prepare
    one step at a time. I only have so much time to do what I need to daily
    and unless I have time to be somewhat entertained with those things,
    I’d rather work in the garden and do other necessary things.
    Finding joy is a real stress breaker for me and if things get rougher
    then I’ll have ways to kick back doing what I enjoy.
    As well as stay faithful to what the Lord has for me to do on a daily basis.
    Gratitude is a game changer too and keeping a journal of all the things
    I’m grateful for. When I feel a bit down I can pull it out and read it and
    my attitude changes.
    I love hearing you read some of what was shared from the email group.
    So many of us are staying focused and enjoying life. It’s heart warming!
    Appreciate your creativity, Todd. Thanks again so much for a great podcast!

  2. Todd, Great podcast. It’s interesting to note the two different attitudes behind prepping: Survive vs. Thrive.
    It’s pretty common for the first stage of prepping to be driven by fear — fear of NOT surviving some impending crisis. Fear is a powerful motivator, but as you said, no one can stay living in the fear. Some people just burn out and give up. I think Brian did a post on that. Some people get driven crazy by the constant fear. People need to be able to transition to the second stage: thriving.
    Focusing on a desired life “after” can be an antidote to the fear. Asking ourselves, what kind of life do I want AFTER surviving the crisis? That can provide focus to one’s prepping. Planning ahead for what will bring joy, not just prolong days, is a lot more invigorating.

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