Find Preppers Just Like You!

Connect with others who believe in preparing for emergency situations in safety and anonymity with the ease of an email group, free of social media tracking.

You’re Not Alone!

There are many preppers just like you who are looking to connect with other preppers. But just like you, they don’t want to just trust anyone!


You know that you need to take responsibility for yourself and your family’s needs. Prepping shows who and what you value and why they are important.

You have a good understanding that the world is fragile and the systems that are in place can go down causing a serious survival situation for your family. You know that preparedness is the right move!

Join the Exclusive Email Group

For $20 a year, you can be part of an exclusive email group that is all about preparedness and survival. Imagine connecting with other preppers through email and not having to go to Facebook, Twitter or navigate another forum. There is nothing easier than email and you can even do it from your smartphone.


– Connect w/ Other Preppers through Email
– Join the Bi-Weekly Online Meetup
– Learn from Others Who Prep
– Feel Supported


Social media tracks your every click, post and like! Don’t hand over more information than you should by participating in groups on social media!


Setting up the email is super easy! Once your purchase is confirmed, your email will be added to the group. After that, when you or someone else in the group sends an email to the exclusive email address, everyone in the group gets it!

Join Today and Start
Really Connecting with Preppers
for only .06 a day!

This might be the best investment you can make for your preparedness!
What could you learn from other preppers when
they feel free to talk and not worry that their every word is being recorded by social media?

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