Do You Have Holes in Your Preps?

The thing that finally got my wife to prep was sitting down and watching After Armageddon.  It is a docudrama set in America right after a pandemic has wiped out a majority of the population.  After watching the show, my wife immediately wanted to buy more water.

Even in that early stage of preparedness, she realized that water was something we didn’t have enough of!  Water is important and we talk about it often in preparedness.  But we all have other holes that we don’t realize.

Going back to the show, the main character finally gets “done-in” by a small cut on his hand that grows into an infection.  It’s crazy to think that a typical small cut can do that, but in a post apocalyptic world, the smallest holes in your preps can do you in!

And this is an issue because we normally think in “BIG” items.  We need food! Solar! Firearms!  But then we miss out on the small things like how important an old school thermometer would be when we don’t have those special batteries needed for our digital ones!

We can’t know everything.  And we need to be comfortable with understanding that we are going to miss something.

But to help us a long, here are some things that could be considered holes in our preps.

  • First Aid Supplies – You might have the big stuff covered like pandemics, nuclear fallout and such.  But what about anti-diarrhea medication?  What about some Benadryl? (Diphenhydramine HCI)
  • Finances – You are ready for the Economic Collapse of the whole financial system, but what about if your car loses its transmission?  Do you have enough money in savings to handle that?  What about a new water heater?  Cold showers aren’t always fun!
  • Health – You realize you are going to be doing manual work when the SHTF.  But when was the last time you had your teeth cleaned and checked for cavities?  When was the last time you had your eyes checked?  
  • Gardening – You know the importance of gardening and supplementing your stored food, but have you ever learned how to save seeds from one harvest to another?  

Many of the things above can be handled with a small purchase or learning a new skill.  But the thing is, you don’t know unless you consider it and then do something about it!

You have holes in your preps!  We all do!

What are some other holes that you feel preppers might have and not realize it?  Share it in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Do You Have Holes in Your Preps?”

  1. One of the holes in our preparations is our vehicle. Several years ago, during the covid lockdowns, we had an incident with our 5-year-old jeep. While driving to a local shopping mall, to get our scheduled COVID shot, our jeep over heated and lost power, 12 miles from home. We managed to get it into a parking spot at the mall and then wait in the long line for the shots. It was now around 5PM. Jeep wouldn’t start, and it had puddle of fluid under it. Called Jeep dealership and AAA, had jeep towed the 30 miles. Tried to call Taxi service, none were available. Called sister, but she had left for work. Tow truck driver said he would not leave us at the mall (Security concern) and took us to dealership with the jeep. Dealership loaned us a vehicle, while repairs were made.
    One of our preparation holes was not having a reasonable tool kit in the jeep to do some simple repairs. (The main problem with the jeep was dealer had just completed repairs on it and did not tighten all the hoses and clamps.)
    We are now trying to determine what should be in our vehicle tool kit. Looking back at other incidents with our vehicles; we have had a few flat tires, dangling exhaust part, and a dead battery. Any repairs we do must be simple, we are mid 70s and can’t do what we used to do. Still able to change a tire, possibly repair a tire leak, lockwire a loose part, and do a jump start. So, what should be in a vehicle tool kit?

  2. o.f. noon

    I now realize the need for extra solar panels —150 watts not enough. Need five to six 100 watt panels
    to do the minumn job. I know some things but “Tons of stuff I don’t know.” and more batteries. ole fert

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