Your Last Thanksgiving

John looked at the calendar.

He kind of suspected it, but he wasn’t sure.  He suspected that this might be the third Thursday in November. Traditionally his family celebrated Thanksgiving. 

But that has changed now.

The Collapse stopped all the trucks moving. And, all the grocery stores that were filled with all the items that his family would buy every week were long gone.

It was cold outside. But he was hoping to find something that his family could eat.

He went to the river, threw a pole in, and was hoping to catch some fish.

As he was there, he daydreamed, about that last Thanksgiving meal.

His cousin didn’t come to this one, because he was upset. They didn’t always see eye to eye politically. So it was easier just to stay away than to put those ideas aside and be with family.

The pies on the dessert table were plenty. Everybody had their special pie that they would dig into later on.

The meal was very tasty as always. There was plenty of turkey and dressing and cranberry to go around. There was plenty to drink. Plenty of smiles. And plenty of football. 

That was now a distant memory.

What If?

We don’t always go into the holidays or special moments thinking that it might be the last one that we are going to attend or the last one that we will attend with someone that we care about. 

But this happens every day and happens every holiday. 

I know plenty of people this year who are going to be experiencing this, this holiday season. 

Getting to the holidays without a certain loved one is hard. 

But what if it was the last holiday that you experienced in the way that you normally do?

In the United States, Thanksgiving usually is a meal with turkey and dressing and cranberry sauce, and all the other fixins.  Oh, and don’t forget desserts!

And although many are going through hard times right now, a Thanksgiving meal isn’t too hard to come by.  

But what if you didn’t have another one ever?

As you spend time this holiday season with family and friends, or maybe you really like to be by yourself that is fine too, take some time to…

  • Count your blessings.  Things aren’t what we might want them to be right now, but they could always be worse.
  • Be grateful. There are times when we have had plenty and times of want.  But there is always something to be grateful for.
  • Make memories.  Lock the time with family and friends in your mind and heart so you can go to them later down the road.

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A Thanksgiving Prayer


Thank you for all of the blessings You have given us.  We are truly grateful for the material and financial blessings.  But no blessing compares to the blessing of salvation through Your Son Jesus and eternal life.

We could have been born in any place at any time, but You chose this place and this time for us.

With all the craziness in this world, help us to know Your will and follow Your ways.  And as we do, put inside of us a spirit of gratitude.

In the days ahead, help us to keep our eyes open to Your plan and lead us on the path we need to take.

In Jesus Name.

Have you ever considered that a holiday or a special day might be your last? Has it changed the way you approached it?

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