The State of Preparedness 2020

Preparedness 2020

Come out from your bunkers!  Happy days are here again!  This is the State of Preparedness 2020!  Not!

Those of us in the Preparedness Community, who have been in it for a while, have been decrying the current state of preparedness.  Please don’t pass this off as a scare tactic.  I’m sharing what I’ve been seeing and experiencing for a while now.  Preparedness is dying.  This is the real State of Preparedness 2020!

I’m not the only one saying it.  Others have mentioned it out in public.  Many have confided to me through email, not wanting to mention it out in an open forum.  It feels almost sacrilegious to admit it.

Possible Reasons for The Prepper Decline?

Some say it is because we have a Republican President in office.  I will admit that I did see the overall numbers of Prepper Website go down after Trump’s election.  It is like some in the Preparedness Community believe that Republican’s will set the world right and save the Union from any SHTF possibilities.  Those who don’t have their heads in the sand know that although President Trump has done some good things (and some questionable things), a President isn’t the only one that makes decisions in this country.  And even more, many of the things that were hoped he would do, haven’t been done.  There are many factors that come into play here.  But those factors are not the purpose of this article.

Others say that the economy is so good that there is no need to prep.  As long as the stock market produces big numbers, then we all benefit from the prosperity of the bankers and traders making a fortune.  But we know this isn’t true either.  The blessings on Wall Street haven’t found their way to Main Street.  Just go to the grocery store and buy a week’s worth of food for your family.  If you do the shopping for your family, you know what I’m talking about!  Everything is getting more expensive and our paychecks aren’t reflecting any real income increases.

The other big reason, in my humble opinion, is that many preppers succumbed to Prepper Fatigue.  You can only hear the “sky is falling” so much before you kick Chicken Little in the head and move on.  The problem with this is that true preparedness isn’t about just being prepared for the big one!  It can include that.  But in reality, it is a lifestyle of responsibility for you and your family.  Reasons to be prepared come up every single day.  But, I know I’m preaching to the choir here.

Seeing the Prepper Flame Burnout

Actually, I’ve been talking about this for a while now, longer than President Trump’s election.  In fact, back in May 2017, I wrote Do Dead Prepper’s Tell Tales.  In that article, I referenced another article about prepper websites closing up.  I wrote that article in August 2014 – The SAD Way of Preparedness Websites – Possibly An Analogy of the Preparedness Life!.   The difference between those two articles and this one is that new prepper related websites were popping up all the time.  That’s life, the new rise up to replace the old.  But this isn’t happening this time.  At least I don’t see it!

This week, I removed another 5 websites from Prepper Website.  I use a Broken Link Checker to see if websites that I have linked to are still active.  I don’t necessarily remove the links to their articles, I remove the link to the website itself.  I also removed about 6 different websites from Top Prepper Websites for the same reason.  These sites, with all of their preparedness articles and information, just disappeared, without a word.

The Warning

The main issue here is the availability of prepper information to those who realize they need to prep and start to search for the information that is no longer online.  Why?  Because nothing has changed in the fundamentals of our economy.  It is still being propped up in a big way.  Nothing has changed with terrorism.  Nothing has changed with the possibility of a pandemic jumping over from another country and running through the US like wildfire.  Nothing has changed with how Murphy likes to show up and kick you in the pants when you are down.

In fact, things have become worse.  If you are still paying attention to what is going on in this country, you know we are more divided than ever.  Many believe that the 2020 Election will not be as civil as we would like it.  Big weather events seem to be the norm.  And drought and flooding can easily see us one growing season away from food prices going through the roof.

There is still a need for prepper information.  There will always be a need for preparedness information!  And in this world where all sorts of information are so readily available, it is to our advantage that we ensure prepper articles, podcasts and videos are there for the next person who wakes up to the need to prepare!

What Can Be Done in “Preparedness 2020?”

For the “true believer,” there are some things that can be done to help those websites, podcasts, and Youtubers who are providing Prepper content.

1. Read, Listen, Watch and Comment on Preparedness Content.  When a content creator produces content and few people interact with it, it is so depressing.  Many times, we put our hearts, time and a lot of effort into our content only to hear crickets.  Now, not every piece of prepper content is stellar, that’s a fact.  But if a piece has blessed you in some way, leave a comment or send an email to the author.  I can tell you that it would be greatly appreciated!

2. Click on their Affiliate Links. Many prepper websites don’t make a lot of money.  But many of them have an affiliate association with Amazon.  When you make a purchase through a preparedness website’s link, it doesn’t cost you any more money and it gives them a little percentage of the sale, no matter what you buy.  At the end of the month, even $50 can be a big blessing to someone creating content for free.

3. Support Individuals, Not Companies. This may sound weird, but some companies have purchased active preparedness websites to promote their own agenda.  I have been approached to sell Prepper Website many times too.  I do what I do more out of mission than money, so I always just send those emails and requests to the delete folder.  But you can always tell a “fishy” website because there isn’t an individual behind it or they want to be “anonymous.”  Look for “about” pages and real people that you can interact with, that will respond to you!

4. Share Preparedness Content. I’m done with Facebook and Instagram.  I’m posting this article on Ed that Matters because FB and IG have been blocking any links to Prepper Website.  Somehow, preparedness is against “Community Standards.” However, I’m still “auto-sending” to the Prepper Website FB Group and Page other preparedness website articles.  I’m doing this because there are so many people still using FB and IG.  I shared about this on IG and talked about it on the podcast.  But you can help others by sharing out their content on social media, email, and word of mouth.  The more people that hear about preparedness, the better it will be for preppers in the long run.



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5. Share Your Own Preparedness 2020 Story.  Preppers who own websites aren’t the only ones that have a story to tell.  Every prepper has a story or stories that can help others better prepare, lessons to be learned.  For some examples, read – Ice Storm on the Farm and Bugout Before It’s Too Late!  If you have an article you would like to submit, CLICK HERE.

6. Don’t Let Your Website Disappear!  This one is specific for other preparedness website owners.  If you find yourself ready to stop writing preparedness content and you are planning on letting your website domain and hosting expire, please turn it over to someone that can keep it going for you.  I’m in talks with someone right now who is considering this.  Please don’t let your website just disappear.

Conclusion – Preparedness 2020

As we stand at the beginning of a new year, Preppers know that there are many unknowns.  The true believers will continue to prepare because it is a lifestyle and we care about taking responsibility for our families and loved ones.  I still expect that websites will go down in the middle of the night.  But I’m also hopeful that new preppers will rise to the challenge and become beacons of light in this world that seems to be getting darker.

Here’s to Preparedness 2020!  Do your part to make it a good one!



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23 thoughts on “The State of Preparedness 2020”

  1. Catherine

    I keep telling people, but a lot of them think I’m a crazy old lady! Keep up the good work! But, my preps got me through almost 9 months of being unable to work. Thank God!

  2. Thank you for everything you do. I’m slowly learning and getting my home prepared. Hardest part is finding information for living in the desert!

  3. Sue and I have a lot in common. There are so many articles that tell you what you can hunt and how to grow your own food. There are many sites that tell you everything on how to prepare. What they sites do not say is what do you eat when there is no game? what do you grow when there is no soil that will grow plants? What do you drink if there is no rain? What do you do when your spouse is not a prepper? How do you store foods when the temps are at 100 degrees? If money is no object and the spouse is on board, prepping is rather easy. I don’t know what easy is. I thank you for your web site and enjoy it, learn from it.

  4. Even in my own experience, other activities, plans, things have taken over my state of preparedness. When nothing bad happens, it is hard to stay focused year after year. The store room that once was dedicated to prepping supplies and food storage has become cluttered, and so has my mind. Thanks for the reminder Todd..

  5. Still reading and doing everything I can to prepare. Worried about the election this fall. Hope Trump wins again but I’m afraid the big cities could be a brutal place to be at that time.
    I don’t usually comment on these sites cause I’m always afraid I’ll be tracked somehow and it will end up a mess for me with viruses etc. Do enjoy all the information that your site gives and read it always.
    In case anyone else is interested….Daisy Luther had a very interesting read today about the UN.
    Please read it and really think about it. I’ve thought for yrs. that we need out of the UN and I don’t mean just the US. I mean out of the building for everyone. I mean all people going back to their own countries and not having Visas anymore the whole thing. Out of here, I personally think that there’s a lot of evil in that whole group. Anyway, thanks for all you do for the rest of us.

  6. Great points, Todd! Thank you for all the well researched articles on a wide variety of topics.

    For those in desert climates, you might consider watching the Raneys on “Homestead Rescue”. (Discovery Channel) Misty has a lot of suggestions/solutions for growing food in inhospitable environments. Her dad and brother have expertise in providing water and power with limited budgets and time. Thinking outside the box and repurposing every possible resource are hallmarks of this show. Gives us a lot to think about in our own efforts to be more prepared and self reliant.

  7. D from Michigan

    EVERY morning I go to prepperwebsite to read the articles. EVERY morning.
    Routine is: coffee, email, prepperwebsite,

    I’ve been doing this for at least 3 years. Almost daily I find some information that I paste to my Evernote account or a new product that I look into. If not for your service, I would not have much of the information that is currently stored away. Your article about the Alpine Stowaway Pot with the Ohuhu stove stored inside was perfect. (ALREADY had the stove, ordered the pot. PERFECT!)

    I have never written comments before, probably won’t again. . . BUT I wanted you to know that I appreciate what you do. EVERY day.

    There are probably many more of us out here just like me. We are readers but not writers.

    Hang in there and keep the fire burning.

    D from Michigan

    1. Hey D!

      Thanks for your readership every morning. The pot/stove was a good find. 😉

      I appreciate your kind words and comment.’


  8. I’m w/ D from Michigan! That’s my routine too, except I don’t drink coffee, only tea.. I, too, am guilty of being a taker, not a giver.
    Could it be the number of prepper websites is declining because they have reached the saturation point. The chaff is being sorted from the wheat. The many useless, inane sites are falling off the map, and only the good ones are thriving. There will always be a need for sites that provide good, reliable, accurate no-nonsense information.

    Rick in Maine

    1. Hi Rick,

      I agree that there is always a churning of the sites that are out there. I just hope that the good ones feel like they can stay afloat.


  9. Illini Warrior

    what I find laughable – it seems that alot of the newbies coming in are buying into the pure 2020 Election propaganda being promoted ….
    prepping for the “climate change” that just happens to be 100% little fact but is one of the hot platform planks for the election …
    another is the almost constant doom & gloom economy warnings – again no real facts – but suddenly the hottest economy on the planet in the last 70 years is going down by November …

    1. The crushing weight of debt is a fact. Do your own research.National.Corporate,Personal,Household,Credit Card and Student Loan debt
      are at all time record highs.That is a fact
      The Dow is being propped up by corporate buy backs of their own stocks and an
      infusion of over a trillion dollars into into the overnight repo market.That is a fact.
      There are over seven million auto loans that are ninety days plus delinquent.That is a fact.
      The commercial transport industry(truck,rail,and air) are running at historic low capacities.That is a fact.
      The above are only the tip of the ice berg.Please check it out for yourself .
      Something evil this way comes.That is a fact.

  10. I think a lot of people subscribe to the idea that the gubmint is reading everything said on “subversive” web sites. I also suggest, if you haven’t already read John W. Whitehead’s books on the government/corporate alliance that is wanting us all to be sheeple and go along quietly. Scary books….of course it is only one persons opinion.. He also has a web site-The Rutherford Opinion(or something like that). I don’t go there because JWW forements “peaceful” revolution, which is an oxymoron in my opinion. Also the same reason I do not join Oath Keepers, or the NRA….just gives big brother another reason to spy on one.
    “nuff said.

  11. Great article in truth of how normalcy can be deceived. I know and follow a fellow pepper (MD Creekmore), who has to constantly chime out to fellow preppers to be active. This causes a lot of shops to close up (hopefully only temporarily). I’m sure this will soon pass and prepping will become the forefront of most peoples minds. Another big hit is the fact that the blogging platform has been dying… With the blow-up and the use of YouTube, people left their blogs and posts behind to try their hand at video blogging / teaching on YouTube. But, that now is going away as they continuously demonetize and BAN even simple preparedness information as hostile. ~ The BreakAway Homesteader.

  12. Todd a while back we signed up for the prepper e-mail service but to date have never received any word from anyone.We are what you might call internet challenged.Can you help?

    1. Hi! I sent an email to the email address that you used here. However, the email address that I have for you on the list is different than this one. If you didn’t receive the email I sent earlier, please send me an email at todd.sepulveda [at] prepperwebsite [dot] com.

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