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Truly genuine people

March 17, 2024

Being a part of the RYF Email group has been an excellent investment. Someone in the group knows something about all things preparedness. It is a genuinely helpful team, willing to offer advice and encouragement on any number of topics. There are no trolls, and no one is ever belittled or looked down upon. If you have been prepping one day, or fifty years, this group will sharpen your knowledge. All you have to do is ask!!!


Great way to get information and opinions

March 16, 2024

The RYF group is a group of like minded people who are always sharing ideas and experiences. There is always someone with experience or answers to questions. It’s as anonymous as you like if you’re worried about OPSEC but also has the potential to meet people in your area for a MAG if you desire. There are no trolls just regular people who are in tune to the what is going on.


Great discussions on interesting topics

March 16, 2024

The information shared and topics discussed are invaluable. There’s no drama and everyone is so welcoming.


good people good info

March 15, 2024

this is a group with people who walk the walk and know what they are talking about

russell humez

The Kind Of Group You Want To Be Part Of

March 14, 2024

I’ve been a member of the RYF Exclusive Email Group and have attended every online video chat since the beginning. The level of friendly conversation and knowledge from the group members is incredible. I’ve found the news and insight from other members invaluable. I’ve developed offline friendships with like-minded people I’m happy to call my friends. With over twenty years of online forums, websites, and social media, I have never found the level of connection we enjoy on RYF. Join our community and see for yourself.

Brian D. Hawkins

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