RYF – Prepper Checklist

I have never been a big fan of an ultimate type prepper checklist. Why? Because I don’t like the idea of someone downloading a checklist, getting the items that are recommended and thinking they are “prepared.”

Checklists should be used as a starting point. And although there is a lot of information on this prepper checklist, I will be the first to tell you that you probably don’t need everything on the list, AND, you might have a lot of the things already in your home.

Preparedness is personal and you need to figure out what you need to be prepared. So use this checklist as a guide to help you think through the areas you need to get better prepared.

There are three options to download this prepper checklist.

  • Download the Excel version. You will need Microsoft Excel or an Open Office equivalent. This will allow you to edit the checklist for your needs.
  • Get a Copy on Google Sheets. For those of you who don’t have a spreadsheet program, Google Sheets will allow you to edit this spreadsheet for your needs. You will need a Google account. The link will ask you to make a copy. It will make a copy in your own Google Drive.
  • Download the PDF. This won’t allow you to edit the checklist, but you will be able to easily download and print it.

If you do find yourself needing to purchase items, and you are planning on using Amazon, I would appreciate you using my link. It doesn’t cost you extra and it gives me a small percentage of what you purchase. It helps pay the bills. 🙂

Emergency Preparedness on Amazon


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