Sinus Pressure Relief Tips and Tricks

Have you ever wanted to rip out your sinuses? If not, you don’t live in a place where allergies are common place and well, good for you! I know, I’m being a little sarcastic here, but not really. If I could move somewhere where I never ever felt sinus pressure again, I might just do it! Sinus pressure sucks, but keep reading and watching, there might be some sinus pressure relief help in this article.

Living in Houston, Texas, I’ve learned to live with sinus pressure. I believe I experience more than my fair share, but no one wants to hear about a crying whining Todd. But really, there are time that I’m so stuffed up that it’s hard to breath. Sometimes I feel that my episodes on the podcast are nothing more than some heavy breathing stocker like sound.

Allergy Relief

I try not to take medicine. But sometimes, you just have to. Before I do that, I try some other things.

One thing that I try is essential oils. I use the allergy blend, LLP from Spark Naturals. I normally diffuse it in my office, but when I need some quick relief, I put it next to my nostrils and on the back of my neck. You’ll want to be careful not to get it too close to your eyes. It will burn a little, but that will quickly go away.

Here’s a funny story behind using LLP. My wife has a bottle in her purse and uses it all the time. One day, a co-worker was really suffering from allergies and my wife offered LLP. Get this picture, my wife and the co-worker in the middle of the office and my wife putting LLP on this woman. Her boss walked in and quickly walked out. The boss knows my wife is a Christian and a pastor’s wife and that we believe in the power of prayer. But my wife had to go and let her boss know that she wasn’t “laying hands” on her co-worker, but instead applying an allergy relief essential oil. When word got out, she had a line of women coming to her office to get “blessed.” You can get LLP on Amazon.

Another thing I use, is over-the-counter meds. My go-to is Advil Respiratory Allergy and Congestion Pain Relief. Now I know some people won’t want to use this, but it works! I like the little packets and Amazon doesn’t seem to care how many I purchase. You probably won’t find any on Amazon because I have stocked up for the Apocalypse, but you might get lucky. If you do, get some now before the stocks dry up.

A Non-Medicine Attempt for Sinus Pressure Relief

But, with all of that said, the other day I stumbled upon a video by Dr. Mandell about two quick moves that can help relieve sinus pressure. I watched it because a chiropractor that we used to go to did a move on my wife, that we were never able to replicate at home, that my wife swears helped drain her sinuses. So, I figured I would give it a try.

Well, well, well, it worked. I felt the nastiness draining down my throat after doing this. It might not always help those severe episodes, but it is another trick that I can add to my arsenal of dealing with sinus pressure down here in the South.

If you read the comments, some people said it didn’t work on them. I would keep trying various positions on your cheek until you get it right. It works!

Check out the video below. And let me know if you have any other tricks that can help with sinus pressure in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Sinus Pressure Relief Tips and Tricks”

  1. Michael

    I find a Neti Pot very useful. Just make sure the water is distilled or otherwise filtered. Seems there is a rather rare bug that can be dangerous in your sinus in some folks water?

    If you cannot tolerate flushing your sinus (not that hard and I have a powerful gag reflex) a steaming cup of tea and a tea towel over you head to breathe in the steam helps.

    If the current supply system continues to get more crazy you *Might* have troubles buying Allergy Meds and or your essential oils and such unless your a gardener-producer of them.

    I’ll have to try that odd You Tube maneuver next time I get seriously congested and see if I get relief.

  2. P.A.M. -primary amoebic meningitis. Nasty stuff found in fresh water. Pretty much dead man walking if you’re unlucky enough to contract it and not caught early. Roughly a week to go if you start smelling burnt bacon (spirochete brain damage). Pretty rare though.

    Docs videos are great info too!

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