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Here are ways you can support Ready Your Future!

Buy Me a Coffee – Ok, it doesn’t have to be a coffee. You can buy me a sweet tea, soda or whatever. 😉 Buy Me a Coffee is where I post little tidbits and pics, but it also allows listeners to make a donation (buy me a coffee), easily. Go check it out.

Subscribe to the Top Preparedness Articles – TPA is a weekly newsletter where I send you the best preparedness articles that I have read throughout the week. You will at a minimum get at least 10 articles, but most of the time there are a lot more. The monthly membership is $5 a month. But you can also subscribe for the year for $50. I send out TPA on Saturday evenings.

Purchase Some Merch – If you are looking for something to wear, you can check out some of the t-shirt designs that we have created. Check out the Team Noah t-shirts for sure!

Make your Amazon Purchases through my Affiliate Link – When you want to purchase something from Amazon, if you go through my link, regardless of what you purchase, I get a small affiliate commission. It doesn’t increase the amount you pay, but does provide a small blessing for me.

Join the Ready Your Future Exclusive Email Group – Think of this as your online preparedness group! You can connect with other preppers through email. There is no social media tracking here. You send or reply to one email address and everyone in the group gets it. The group consists of a lot people who believe in preparedness and share a ton of wisdom. It only costs $20 a year, but membership is only open a few times a year. Visit this link to learn more and to be notified when membership opens.

Sign Up for Audible through my Link – If you like to listen to podcasts, you will love to listen to audio books. When you purchase a subscription through my link, it gives me a small commission and gives you a few free audio books. The link will also provide you with some audiobook suggestions.

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