Survival And Safety- How Being Prepared Can Make A Difference

Survival and Safety

Life is unpredictable, and you can never be too prepared to deal with unexpected situations. Survival and safety are two critical concerns for any citizen, particularly if you have a family to protect. Riots, shootings, and bombing attacks are rampant, and even petty criminals in your neighborhood can be dangerous. While dangers lurk as you step out, you cannot be too sure about safety at home as well.

Apart from violent incidents, you may also have to deal with natural disasters like pandemics, earthquakes, floods, and tsunamis. The situation can get all the more critical when there are young children, old parents or a disabled family member to look after. Being prepared with a survival and safety strategy always makes sense. Let us explain how you can stay one step ahead of an SHTF situation.

Visualizing different scenarios

When it comes to survival and safety, unpredictability is the biggest challenge you face. In simple words, you can never know the dangers that lie ahead and exactly when they would strike. The COVID-19 pandemic, for example, came as the biggest shock for the world. Even some preppers were taken by surprise with the outbreak.

It makes sense to visualize different survival scenarios so that you can be ready for them. Taking a solution-focused approach would be the best thing to do, as you need to think beyond disasters and incidents. Ideating a solution for each of the scenarios makes sense as it gets you ready on the fly.

Practicing situational awareness

While visualizing the possibilities will keep you one step ahead, you can never know what would happen until it actually happens. But things often happen (unless it is a disaster like an earthquake) with a forewarning, and situational awareness can help you reduce the risk with timely action.

Keeping an eye on the surroundings and taking even small precautionary measures can make all the difference. If there is civil unrest in your area, try to stay indoors and secure your living space. Avoid going out if there is a warning of a storm brewing in your area.  Skip your holiday plan to a destination threatened by terrorists or virus-like outbreaks.

Gathering your SHTF stuff

Another good reason for being prepared with a survival and safety plan is that you will have all your SHTF stuff in place. It is a clear advantage because you wouldn’t have to rush out for supplies amid a riot or a pandemic. You will be safe indoors and the family will be well provided for. Stock up emergency supplies of food, water, medicines, toilet paper, and other essentials, and have at least enough to cover your needs for a month.

Ballistic protection is another survival essential you cannot ignore. You can pick a bullet proof vest to stay safe even as you have to step out. Body armor not only protects you from bullets and weapons but also gives you the confidence to face the toughest situations while you safeguard your clan. 

Preparing your loved ones

While preparing for an emergency is important, it isn’t something you have to do alone. Even the best preparation would be worthless unless your family supports you during the situation. Consider involving your family when you create a survival and safety strategy for diverse scenarios. Create a complete plan of action so that everyone knows their roles clearly. The family can follow regularly to understand tactical situations and self-defense better. At the same time, prioritize the value of safety and tell them that nothing matters more than saving themselves when a disaster strikes.

Awareness keeps them on track because they will be able to do their bit when a disaster strikes. Share a list of contact numbers to get help if they can escape during a situation. Investing in self-defense training for the entire family is a smart move because everyone will be able to do their bit during an emergency. Discuss the strategy from time to time so that everyone is on the same page.

Being ready for evacuation

Evacuation planning is a vital element of disaster preparedness. If you have a proper survival and safety strategy in place, you can easily evacuate your family from the dangerous area. It is vital to know your building well enough if you get trapped inside and want to escape at any point. Preparing a bug-out bag for every member is a good way to ensure that they can survive even if they are on their own after evacuation.

Your evacuation plan should also cover aspects like evacuating young children, seniors, and disabled members in grave situations. In addition to having a plan to evacuate your living space, discuss scenarios like being trapped in public places or outdoors during riots or violent events. Don’t miss the importance of getting out and seeking help for others, no matter how tough leaving your loved ones may sound.

Having a survival and safety plan can make a difference between life and death, no matter how serious the situation is. Apart from knowing safety basics and self-defense, also build up your confidence because it can keep you going even during the most challenging times.

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