Burns: What To Do

Burns on any part of your body during normal times are painful and can cause infection.  But having burns in an SHTF scenario will be worse!  Do you know enough to make good decisions if one of your loved ones gets burned? Article: Preppermed101: Emergency Burn Care Ep. Link – Episode 533 https://omnystudio.com/d/clips/ac9c2100-5c0b-467f-a8f8-a7170050f8cc/f276f82e-dba1-4c37-947b-a71900433c17/bad3dce1-c524-453f-b529-aa16001d2509/audio.mp3   Mentioned in this …

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EP. 462 – You Don’t Have Enough!

Episode 461 Article: Treating Severe Burns: You DON’T Have Enough Supplies Ep. Link – Episode 462 https://omnystudio.com/d/clips/ac9c2100-5c0b-467f-a8f8-a7170050f8cc/f276f82e-dba1-4c37-947b-a71900433c17/45869e85-7c1b-4912-b198-a9b3004d63cc/audio.mp3 Mentioned in this Episode:  Join Audible Today and Get Two Free Audiobooks! Sign-Up for the Prepper Website Email List Items of Interest: Grab a Prepper Website t-shirt! (Amazon Affiliate Link) Register for the FREE Food Storage Lesson  Get “My Prep Journal” …

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