Preparing for Massive Change

We’re not sure what the near future holds, but most are agreeing that we are in for some massive change.  We might not ever return to what we knew as normal.  Are you prepared for that? SELCO: This Is a Time of Massive Change and the Direction We’re Going Is Not Good Ep. Link – …

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Prepping for Quarantine

When a deadly virus comes to your area, you might not have much choice but to quarantine yourself. This might come in the form of a self-imposed quarantine or a forced quarantine, under the penalty of arrest from your government. Either way, there are thoughts and considerations that every preparedness-minded person or family should think …

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Preparing for Quarantine

Quarantine is one of those topics that doesn’t come up very often in preparedness.  But with the Coronavirus causing havoc in China and the potential of it coming to your area, it is probably time to visit this topic again.  It’s not something we want, but if we have to go through quarantine, what should …

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EP. 476 – Prepping for Pandemics

Episode 476 Article: Pandemic Survival 101 Ep. Link – Episode 476   Mentioned in this Episode:  Download the Prepper Checklist Join Audible Today and Get Two Free Audiobooks! Sign-Up for the Prepper Website Email List Items of Interest: Grab a Prepper Website t-shirt! (Amazon Affiliate Link) Register for the FREE Food Storage Lesson  Get “My Prep Journal” …

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EP. 402 – Prep for Pandemic

Episode 402 Article: Are We Due for a Pandemic Flu? Here’s How to Prepare Just in Case   Mentioned in this Episode: Get the Micro Biz eBook – What Can You Do With Extra $$$ Each Month? Prepper FAQ Article Without Investigation We Do Not Even Know the Right Questions to be Answered Items …

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