The Top 10 Prepper Website Podcast Episodes of 2017

2017 was a great year! This year, Prepper Website launched The Prepper Website Podcast, an audible version of articles that have been posted on Prepper Website.  With website permission, articles are provided to many who wouldn’t normally have an opportunity to read these great articles.  

The podcast officially launched on Feb. 19, 2017.  Since then, 218 podcast episodes have been released. 

Here are the Top 10 Prepper Website Podcast Episodes of 2017 per download.

  1. EP. 173 – Survival Gear Mistakes, 5 Discreet Improvised Weapons
  2. EP. 163 – Improve Urban Security, Winter Warm When the Grid Goes Down
  3. EP. 153 – Preps are Nothing Without This, Medical Supplies
  4. EP. 213 – Better Home Defense, Why People Fail to Survive
  5. EP. 183 – Clothing for SHTF, Root Cellars 101
  6. EP. 203 – Perfect Bug Out Location, Risk Assessment
  7. EP. 198 – Prepping for Loved Ones After SHTF, Cloth Toilet Wipes – You Decide!
  8. EP. 208 – Not Prepared for What’s Coming, Getting Your HAM License
  9. EP. 156 – You’re Less Prepped Than You Think, Urban Prepping Intro
  10. EP. 138 – Food Storage, Too Early vs Too Late, A Bugout Formula


Thank you for such a great first year!




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